Don't let your dog/pet be a crash-test dummy!

Why you should wear a seat belt
and crate your dog in a Vari-Kennel Crate
(or any crate for that matter)

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The images below show why driver's and passengers should wear seat belts and why your dog(s) should be in crates while traveling....  

The images were taken the following day after a near fatal accident when the driver of the vehicle was driving hydroplaned on I-80 Eastbound in New Jersey at 40/45 miles an hour

The two dogs (two American Eskimo Dogs) were safely kenneled in  separate #300 Vari-Kennel crates... 

One in a Deluxe Vari-Kennel; the other in a regular (beige-colored) Vari-Kennel.

You can see from one of the images that the beige crate did get "busted,"  but the dog in that crate did survive.

Both dogs were shown that weekend in New Jersey and at the AEDCA 2003 National Specialty in Macungie, Pennsylvania... 

"The boys" didn't miss a beat, and in fact, the class dog

You can see the beige Vari-Kennel sticking out of the rear window of the van in the above image...  the only thing that survived was the the dog and the crate door!

In the image to right you can get a slightly better view of the beige crate --------->


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